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Sioux Corporation specializes in manufacturing rugged, high quality pressure washers, steam cleaners, steam generators and water heating systems for heavy industrial applications.



Sioux offer over 200 standard models with a wide range of accessories and options. In addition, Sioux is the industry leader in custom designing to provide the exact equipment for your specific application. Sioux is well known for manufacturing the longest lasting machines in the industry.
Water heating sources are: diesel, natural gas, LP gas or electric. Your unit can be mounted on skid, stationary or portable. Two-wheel off road or four-wheel over the road trailers can be added, as well as custom wheels. Other options include water tanks, gasoline or diesel generators, special hoses, hose reels and spray gun accessories. This is only a partial list of component modifications which can be made.

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For commercial and industrial use, steam cleaning is excellent for cleaning grease and oil, sterilizing, disinfecting, degreasing, dissolving resins, de-icing, flushing away chemicals and poisons, and degassing. Hot water pressure washing cuts through encrusted dirt, grime, and other dried on substances. Cold Water pressure washing is great for vehicle, facilities, and ground maintenance. Heavy-duty construction and high-quality components ensure long lasting equipment.

  • 5 to 30 lpm steam at 17.3 BAR and 160°C
  • 8 to 20 lpm hot water at 52 to 207 BAR and 93°C

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All-Electric hot water pressure washers, steam cleaners, and combination units can be used indoors where conventionally fired machines are prohibited. No pre-heating. No recovery time. No fuel tank or thermal storage tank. Steam cleaners produce 160°C water temperature prior to nozzle discharge. Hot pressure washers produce a continuous supply of 60°C or 82°C hot water. Units are CE certified.

  • 6 to 38 lpm, pressure to 207 BAR
  • Explosion-proof models available

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The Sioux Restaurant Cleaner is a 100% electric (no burner or fuel required) pressure washer designed specifically for cleaning the interiors and exteriors of food related businesses.

This system is ideal for fast food restaurants, grocery stores, meat packaging and food processing facilities, also hospitals. The Sioux Restaurant Cleaner uses your current hot water supply at a low flow rate of 2.3 lpm for steam and 4.2 lpm for hot water pressure wash. The unit produces a discharge pressure of 103.4 BAR. The 154°C steam option allows the operator to sanitize surfaces and to thoroughly remove oil, grease, fats and other substances from a variety of surfaces.

This system can be used to clean: exhaust filters, grease traps, dumpsters and dumpster areas, rest rooms, floors, walls, tables, sidewalks (chewing gum), kitchens and kitchen equipment, vehicles, and more.

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Sioux SafeSteam Series

Sioux Corporation now manufactures the Walters SafeSteam™ fireless steam cleaner line. The SafeSteam™ lets you use your plant's internal steam as a powerful steam cleaning tool!

If your plant has 5.5 - 10.3 BAR steam, here is an innovative way to use that steam for cleaning purposes. The SafeSteam™ is a steam cleaner that has many benefits over conventional steam cleaners. It utilizes your existing steam system, which eliminates the requirements for a burner, and it uses less water, fuel and electricity than a pressure washer.

Plant steam by itself is too dry for effective use in cleaning applications. SafeSteam™ combines your plant steam with cold water to create a powerful steam cleaner that can be used for plant maintenance and sterilization.

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Cold water pressure washers are great for jobs where hot water or steam is not required. Cold water pressure washers are ideal for grounds maintenance, cleaning vehicles, plant facilities, sidewalks and conveyors.

With the proper components, cold water pressure washers can be connected to your in-house hot water to provide high pressure hot water for cleaning various surfaces. This is an economical alternative to purchasing a hot water pressure washer.  Cold pressure washers with electric motors are the easiest units to operate since they require no fossil fuels, no exhaust ventilation and very little maintenance. Heavy-duty construction and high-quality components ensure long lasting equipment.

  • 3.7 to 7.5 KW motors; 14 to 16 lpm; 138 to 193 BAR

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The Sioux Steam-Flo is a perfect source of low pressure steam for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. This unit can be used in place of a conventional boiler. The generator produces 168-383 kg per hour of saturated steam in minutes.

  • The Steam-Flo provides continuous, unlimited steam.
  • Easy to maintain and built to last.
  • Mountings include portable, stationary, or over-the-road trailer.
  • The unit can be outfitted with an optional water tank and generator for completely self-contained operation.

Steam-Flo generators are often used in commercial greenhouses, nurseries and industrial applications including heating steam jackets (chemical and petroleum industries), thawing pipes and valves, and pre-cast concrete industry to speed the curing time while improving the concrete strength and finish.



Sioux is a leader in providing industrial equipment for cold weather pouring of concrete. Hot water heaters are ideal for a variety of industries including pre-cast and ready-mixed concrete applications. With a Sioux water heater, pouring can be done in colder weather, increasing profits. In addition, studies show that pouring with hot water (during any season) increases the quality of concrete. 

Rated the #1 and most familiar brand of water heater among precast and ready-mix concrete producers

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Three-pass water heater coil provides instantaneous, continuous hot water supply, with no preheating and no recovery time needed. Units are 88 to 92% efficient. Operation is simple. A 38°C temperature rise can be reached in only 3-5 minutes (depending on unit rating). Outlet temperatures and flow rate can be held at precise levels. Units are pre-plumbed and pre-wired for easy installation. Standard water heater sections are available in 1-3 million BTU/Hour (293 – 879 KW/Hour). Units are modular so that only a minimal investment is required to start then systems can be expanded as your operation grows. Oil, LP or natural gas burners are available; or a combination burner which will burn any of the above fuels.

Consult factory for assistance with sizing a water heater section to meet your needs!

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