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Industry Applications


Sioux is the leader in industrial, custom application pressure washing,  steam cleaning, steam generating and fluid heating and cooling equipment. 

Petroleum Industry – for production, refineries, transport (rail, truck, pipeline and ship) and fuel handling and storage (pumping stations, tank farms, fuel terminals, sea ports). All electric and explosion proof steam cleaners and pressure washers require no fuels, emit no fumes, flames or exhaust. For use in hazardous environments.

Cleaning, removing sludge buildup, thawing frozen lines, de-gassing tanks. Sioux Steam-Flo can supply steam to heat to heat rail tankers.

Sioux steam cleaners totally remove grease and oil!
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Petroleum Application Flyer.pdf

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry – use all-electric and conventional fuel fired hot water pressure washers and steam cleaners for indoor or outdoor cleaning and sterilization of conveyors, mixing tanks, lines, process equipment, walls, floors and processing areas. Explosion proof models for use in hazardous (combustible) environments are available.

Sioux's line of Steam-Flo steam generators provide an excellent source of continuous, low-pressure, saturated steam that can be utilized to heat storage and mixing vessels, transport trailers, rail tankers.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Application Flyer.pdf

Food and Beverage Processing, Restaurant Industry – use Sioux’s line of electrically heated and electrically driven combination hot water pressure washers/steam cleaners for cleaning conveyors, bottling equipment, lines and mixing tanks, plant facilities, buildings and grounds. Steam is used to sterilize equipment and to dissolve grease, oil, fats, dirt and grime.

Cleaning applications include: exhaust filters, grease traps, food processing equipment, kitchens, tables, walls, floors indoors and outdoors, rest rooms (WC), dumpsters, dumpster areas and gum removal.

Food and Beverage Application Flyer.pdf
Restaurant Cleaner Flyer.pdf

Concrete IndustrySioux solution/water heaters for pouring concrete in cold weather provide an instant and continuous flow of hot water for higher quality concrete, faster turnaround, reduced chemical usage, and superior float and finishing.

Sioux Steam-Flo produces low pressure, saturated steam to raise concrete temperature while maintaining high humidity to speed up the curing process for pre-cast concrete, pipe, pre-stress and block manufacturing. The benefits are better quality, increased output and faster turnover of forms. Steam-Flo is also used to thaw and heat aggregates used in the production of concrete.

Precast Application Flyer.pdf

Manufacturing Industry – uses steam cleaners and pressure washers to degrease dies and tools; preparing surfaces for painting (especially removal of cutting oils, grease and other contaminants); dissolving grease and oil and cleaning dirt and grime from production machinery, plant equipment, engines, transmissions, etc.; also be used to clean buildings and vehicles, and are excellent for general plant and grounds maintenance.


Logging, Timber, Pulp and Paper Industries - Saw mills can use pressure washers to blow off rock and sand from logs, which in turn can save on replacing expensive blades. Sioux steam cleaners and pressure washers are used for cleaning dirt, grime, dust, oil, grease, resins, bleaches and chemicals off of rolls, filters, forklifts, balers, conveyors, and other machinery. Keeping equipment clean can reduce downtime for all boilers, evaporator concentrators, bleaching towers, pulp drain lines and dryer belts. Pressure washers are used to keep logging trucks clean. Steam can be used to thaw frozen equipment.

Pulp, Paper, and Logging Application Flyer.pdf

Greenhouses and Nurseries – use Sioux Steam-Flo steam generators as a safe and effective alternative to sterilize soils, control disease pathogens, nematodes, insects and weeds without methyl bromide and other pesticides and herbicides. Excellent for sterilizing potting soil, bench soil, ground beds inside the greenhouse, as well as pots, flats and benches.

Steam is also used to sterilize soils in strawberry fields.

Greenhouse Application Brochure.pdf


Transport and Ground Support - Sioux pressure washers and steam cleaners are widely used in the aviation industry for remote equipment cleaning and grounds maintenance. These units will de-ice equipment, as well as melt snow and ice off surfaces and clean runway lights and signs. These units double as conventional steam cleaners and can be used year-round in the shop for ground support applications and are ideal for general vehicle maintenance, steam cleaning engines before rebuilding, cleaning dust and grime off jet engines, and general maintenance of buildings and facilities.

Tranportation Flyer.pdf


HazMat and Decontamination - Sioux’s All-Electric high pressure hot water washers, steam cleaners and combination cleaners are ideal for indoor/outdoor use, and in hazardous environments. Unlike fuel-fired machines, Sioux’s All-Electric line uses no flame and produces no fumes, or exhaust. This makes Sioux cleaners well suited for indoor applications and enclosed spaces.

Infested soil and equipment can be thermally sterilized and decontaminated using Sioux Steam-Flo generated continuous supply of saturated steam that can be fed into tents or under cover until the temperature inside reaches 60°C and held there for 1-2 hours.


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