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Hydraulic technology replaces hand labor for swift and efficient on site filling and placement of sandbags. Introducing the SandMaster by Barrier Systems, LLC. Dedicated to Saving Lives and Property.

Performance Data
In any flood situation, the speed in which preventative measures can be put in place is critical. The more sandbags in place, the more property saved and although property saved is the ultimate goal, the cost of flood prevention can also be devastating to individuals, businesses, municipalities and government budgets.

Typical flood response involves 100s to 1000s of manual laborers filling sand bags with shovels, and passing the bags hand-to-hand to place them. For example, in a past flooding event it took 1200 persons five days to manually fill and distribute 1 million 30 lb (14kg) sandbags.

By contrast, The SandMaster installed on a tractor with one operator and one laborer can fill and place 6240 full (25kg) sandbags per 8hr shift (156,000kg sand). Because hydraulics do not get tired The SandMaster can be operated 24/7. Thus, The SandMaster operated around the clock for two days with only 2 persons per shift can accomplish the same work as 1200 manual laborers in five days.

A staggering and much needed improvement over conventional methods for this very time sensitive need!

Cost comparison
Manual Labor:
If we assume two entry level laborers at €6 per hour will cost €96 for an eight hour day. Working together, these two laborers could fill and stack a 14kg bag of sand per minute or 480 sandbags (6.7 tons sand) per day at a cost of €14 per ton to bag and stack sand.

The SandMaster: If we assume the cost of renting a backhoe tractor with operator at €40 per hour and an entry level laborer at €6 per hour the cost is €368 per 8hr day. The SandMaster, attached to the loader bucket can efficiently fill, securely close, deliver, and stack 26 full (25kg) sandbags at a time, or 6240 bags (156 tons sand) per 8hr day. This works out to a cost of €2.35 per ton to bag and stack sand.

This equates to an incredible 83% savings per ton while increasing production 20 fold.

The SandMaster will pay for itself quickly
Using the above calculations, the cost for manual labor to bag and stack 1000 tons of sand is €14,000. The cost for The SandMaster to bag and stack 1000 tons of sand is €2350. The cost savings is €11,650. The SandMaster is able to produce this amount in seven 8hr days, which will offset the cost of the attachment! How many other attachments, or any tool for that matter, can boast this type of return on investment?

Filling sandbags by hand is a very difficult job. Because hydraulics do not get tired and because the ground man now has the easy task of inserting empty sandbags into the SandMaster, the work force will not wear down. In a time of crisis, if you ran three 8 hr shifts, 24/7 for one month, one machine will have filled and stacked 14,000 tons of sandbags and saved €163,100 in labor. While this represents an enormous savings, the value of the property saved will be astronomical by comparison!

Where the SandMaster System really shines in both time and cost savings is when the sand is brought as close to the area of need as possible. The system is capable of filling, transporting, securely closing, and placing sandbags near their final resting place. This eliminates the expensive additional costs of logistics and transportation.

Fleets of the SandMaster system are going to change the way sandbags are created and deployed. We believe that the final judgment of this product will be less in the numbers stated above than in the value of the lives and property it will have saved. The utility of the SandMaster is enormous. The ability to quickly pay for itself makes it a compelling purchase consideration. Whether in the hands of a private operator, a public works department, a rental yard, or as part of a large fleet performing government emergency response work, the SandMaster will be a very profitable investment while at the same time providing a critical service to local communities in their time of need.

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Attach The Sandmaster to loader bucket

Ues hydraulics to dig and fill the bags

Transport full bags where needed

Release the bags which fall into their securely closed, cinched position

Place the bags at their final destination

Use the Speed Loader to quickly insert the empty sandbags




The SandMaster system

saves lives, property and operating costs!

Conventional sand bagging operations


The Sandmaster is CE certified. 

IMC Scrapers are CE Certified

View The SandMaster demonstration video

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