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Pull Scrapers Introduction

„We Make The Earth Move”

Tractor pulled scrapers are the most economical and versatile
earth moving equipment on the market today.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to learn about a new approach to earthmoving that can make farms more productive and earthmoving companies more profitable. With competition ever increasing in the global market place, farmers who can grow more crops per hectare and contractors who can do the same job faster and for less money will be more successful.

We invite you to learn about IMC Scrapers, scrapers which are pulled behind tractors. While being pulled, the scrapers cut the upper layer of dirt, load, transport, and spread the dirt to finish grade. The speed of loading and spreading material on-the-go without stopping yields remarkable earthmoving productivity and a distinct cost advantage.

IMC Scrapers are used in agriculture to level fields for increased crop production.

IMC Scrapers are used in construction and other civil work applications for earth moving and land forming.

How do IMC Scrapers work?
IMC Scrapers are pulled behind tractors

While being pulled the IMC Scraper:

  • cuts the upper layer of dirt,
  • loads, transports,
  • dumps, or
  • ejects to finish grade, and
  • compacts

(all work is in motion, no unproductive idle time)

Scraper while being pulled
Cuts upper layer of dirt and loads
Transports the dirt
Dumps or ejects dirt to finish grade

Two different pull scraper technologies available for spreading dirt that is hauled in the pull scraper bucket. Dumper scrapers work by hydraulic cylinders rotating the scraper bucket to dump out the dirt. Ejection scrapers work by a hydraulic cylinder(s) pushing the back wall of the scraper bucket forward to eject the dirt.

IMC Scrapers offers both ejection and dumper scrapers to meet customer needs in different field conditions and applications.

IMC Gated Ejection Scraper

IMC Carry All “Dumper” Scraper

IMC scissor-ejection system completely pushes out all soil

IMC curved bowl bucket loads and dumps soils fast and efficiently

In general, dumper scrapers work best with hard, dry, sandy soils, whereas ejection scrapers are recommended when working with heavy, wet, sticky clay-rich soils.

Because IMC Scrapers are designed for hard work and long lasting usage in severe conditions, they are very reliable and profitable in all parts of the world.

Tractor-pulled scrapers are widely used in the USA. More recently, tractor-pulled scrapers technology is proving itself increasingly popular in Europe, Africa and Central Asia.


IMC Scrapers are
CE certified. 

IMC Scrapers are CE Certified

Regarding customer support, we are second to none! IMC is the only American pull scrapers manufacturer with replacement parts production and distribution in America and in Europe via its overseas distributor IMC Scrapers EAME, located in Riga, Latvia.