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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions about tractor-pulled scrapers

I have read that tractor-scraper combinations are less expensive to operate and consume less fuel than conventional excavator, dump truck and bulldozer combinations, is this true? Can you quantify the savings? What accounts for the difference in operating cost?
Yes, this is true.  A tractor-scraper combination requires fuel for only one tractor, needs only one operator, but can pull as many as 3 scrapers yielding from 20 to 45 cubic meters of material without the need for any support equipment. The savings per cubic meter of dirt moved is up to 40 to 60%. The cost savings results from  less labor, less fuel consumption, less equipment to operate and maintain, yet the productivity is higher, because pull scrapers are continuously in productive motion with no un-productive idle time.

How does the initial purchase price of a pull scraper system compare to the initial purchase price of a motor wheel scraper or excavator, dump truck bulldozer combination?
On the average, one can acquire a tractor-scraper combination for approximately 1/3 the cost of a motor wheel scraper or the conventional equipment combination. Additionally, motor scrapers usually require support equipment, such as expensive bulldozers used to push motor scrapers to get a full load.

How does the efficiency of a pull scraper system compare to the efficiency of a motor wheel scraper or excavator, dump truck, bulldozer combination? Under what conditions is each more productive?
Generally, pull scraper and motor scraper productivity are similar. The difference is pull scrapers can be operated in single, tandem (two) or triple (three) behind the same tractor, therefore adjusting the needed soils carrying capacity to the job application. One tractor pulling three scrapers can haul 45-cubic meters per cycle, without the need for expensive support equipment and yields less soil per load. Tractor-pulled scrapers are more productive than excavator, dump truck, bulldozer combinations because the pull scraper is in continuous productive motion while the excavator or bulldozer stands idle waiting for the dump truck. For distances under 5km tractor-pulled scrapers will move and level more soil and at a lower cost.

Are pull scrapers limited to certain soil types? Which soil types work best for the pull scraper?
No. Pull scrapers are not limited to certain soil types.  Pull scrapers work equally well in any soil type.

Do you need to take more shallow cuts with a pull scraper system than you would take with a motor wheel scraper?
IMC recommends shallow continuous cuts (5 – 8cm) in order to maintain a smooth surface.

Have there been any improvements to pull scraper systems that either improve the productivity or durability?
IMC prides itself in offering an extensive line of pull scrapers for many earthmoving applications and we continually improve our product line as dictated by market demands.  Most recently, we began offering a gated ejector models with a scissor-ejection system used only by IMC. The scissor-ejection system is “jam free”, as it will always push the ejection wall forward evenly in difficult and uneven soil conditions. The scissor-ejection system is also the fastest because the ejection wall moves forward 2x the distance of the ejection hydraulic cylinder (thus speed is also 2x faster).  IMC Scrapers are and have always been extremely durable. They are designed to last tens of years

“We Make the Earth Move”