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Applications and Selection

„We Make The Earth Move”

IMC Scrapers applications:


  • Row Crops (cereal grains, vegetables)
  • Rice Fields
  • Sugar Cane Fields
  • Cotton
  • Fish, Crawfish, Shrimp Ponds


  • General Construction
  • Airport Construction
  • Site, Property Development
  • Golf Course Construction
  • Recreation / Sports Field Construction


  • Highway Construction
  • Farm Road Construction / Maintenance
  • Forestry Road Construction / Maintenance


  • Flood Control / Levees
  • Landfill Construction / Maintenance
  • Wetlands Preservation
  • Soil Conservation / Erosion Reduction
  • Beach / Coastal Reclamation


  • Clay / Kaolin
  • Sand / Gravel
  • Coal
  • Mine reclamation



How to select the right scraper?
Answer these questions:

  • What do you wish to achieve?
  • What tractor is available for pulling the scraper?
  • Leveling or cut & fill?
  • Scale of area to level and/or distance to transport soil?
  • Distance between fields or job sites? (are there transportation restrictions, such as narrow bridges?)
  • How often will the scraper be transported?


Contact IMC Scrapers EAME with your inquiries and for answers to your scrapers related questions.



Selection principles:

  • Wider scrapers can level larger areas faster, but require more powerful tractors
  • If soil needs to be transported, then select bucket scrapers  with gates (CS, C, GE, CFB)
  • Non-gated scrapers (E, LCE, LS) are used for land leveling, where soils do not have to be transported long distances
  • All-purpose scrapers that cut, transport and precision level soil are GE, CFB
  • Heavier scrapers can cut more aggressively (GE, E, CS, C)
  • CS, C scrapers can be top loaded

“We Make The Earth Move”